Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It has been a while!


It has been a good amount of time since I updated this blog, I seem to be more active on LiveJournal now.

It has been busy this month. I have started classes, which are very nice. I do love having homework again, in a weird way!

Also, I have celebrated 3 birthdays. My mom's was on January 1st, my step-dad's was on January 20th, and Brad's was on January 23rd! So much cake this month! Thankfully I wont have to eat anymore until my birthday (February 20th).

Brad and I also celebrated our one year anniversary on January 8th! It was a nice, simple, laid back day, which I couldn't ask for anything better.

So today I am just laying in bed with my cat, taking it easy and avoiding house cleaning, homework, and washing my hair.

How has everyone's new year been so far?

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