Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Night before class.

Hello everyone!

Today I ended up sleeping in very, VERY late and got a late start on my paper that is due Wednesday. Honestly, I tried working on it all day and still couldn't get it all the way done. Thank goodness I still have two more days to do it. 

Also today I joined a couple of pen pal projects, and I am really excited about them. I love pen pals and sending packages, and I used to get at least 3 letters a week, but it has severely slowed down. So I figured a few more wouldn't ever hurt! Plus, who doesn't love to get letters in the mail? Or packages?! 

Right now I am in bed with my number one fuzz ball (my cat Quinn) watching Nick at Nite. 

Tomorrow, the plan is to go to class then stop at target and find some warm shoes for the season! My flats are just too thin and my toes get so cold!

(my sweet little Quinn!)

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