Friday, December 17, 2010

30 Day challenge! [Day Six]

Day Six: Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

I'm not sure how interesting these will be, but here they are!

1. I am 20 years old
2. I have one sister and one step brother (who I never really see), and I am the youngest.
3. I played the flute in my school's band from 6th grade to 12th grade. I'll admit that I miss band class.
4. I have a missing tooth on my bottom left side because my baby tooth didn't have an adult tooth under it.
5. I have been blogging since I was fifteen using various LiveJournal accounts.
6. I was too scared to get my ears pierced when I was younger so I got my cartilage pierced when I was 13. Somehow I thought getting on piercing would be better than two...I wasn't smart enough to know that cartilage would hurt more than lobes, which neither hurt much anyways.
7. I am 5'2 1/2 and have been about the same height since 6-7th grade.
8. I am naturally golden blonde.
9. I have one tattoo with three more  in mind.
10. My favorite animals are elephants.
11. My favorite Christmas gift last year was a CATS musical snow globe that my mom bought for me, so dorky, I know.
12. I have been pen palling for almost two years.
13. 90% of the movies I watch are horror movies.
14. I love reading, and have way too many on my 'to read' list.
15. My middle name is my mother's first name.
16. My sister named me after a friend she had at the time (she was 5), if my parents named me, I would have been Lauren.
17. My boyfriend thinks I can't wait to be an old lady. I guess this means I act like an old lady sometimes.
18. I really like to read about true crimes. Like serial killers, and mass murders. Kind of creepy, huh?
19. When I was 12 I was on a bowling league, I have a trophy.
20. I have an intense phobia of driving and canoeing.
21. I hate it when people chew loudly.
22. My best friend is my cat, Quinn.
23. If I watch a movie that ISN'T a horror movie, I will cry 95% of the time.
24. One of my favorite summer time foods is grape salad.
25. I have swam with dolphins in the Bahamas.
26. I have needed glasses every year since first grade, except for fourth grade.
27. I hate wearing jeans and find them uncomfortable.
28. I clean when I am angry.
29. I will let anyone borrow anything from me, except for my books, because they always come back in terrible condition or I don't get them back at all.
30. I am the only person in my family with my last name, and no I am not adopted.

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  1. Hi, I'm akilovessweets from swap-bot.
    Love the get to know you questions!:) Thanks for sharing.