Sunday, December 26, 2010

30 Day challenge! [Day Twelve ]

I feel so behind in my 30 Day Challenge, so I decided that I would just start doing one a day again, rather than doing four today to try and catch up. Now that finals and the holidays are over for me, I will be able to keep myself on track!

Day Twelve: Bullet your whole day.

Today was Christmas! So this should be fun!

  • Wrapped most of the gifts at 2-4 am.
  • Woke up around 7:30 am to my nieces pounding on my door
  • Opened gifts with the family
    • I got:
    • Four sweaters
    • Two pairs of jeans
    • A coffee mug (random fact: I drink out of coffee cups 80% of the time)
    • A Dove body wash/shower set
    • Two pairs of pajama bottoms
    • Two books
    • A super soft blanket
    • A new bag/purse (that I had picked out for myself)
    • And money from just about anyone and everyone in my family
  • My parents were both sick so they went back to bed (we have a nasty 24 hour flu like virus going around in our house, I had it yesterday (Christmas Eve))
  • I made a salad to take to my uncle's house
  • My sister, my nieces, and I went over to my Uncle's house to visit with his family and my grandpa.
  • Ate dinner over there and played Wii
  • I was dropped off at home so my sister could take the girls to visit their father
  • Bradford then came over and we opened gifts
    • I got from him:
    • Three's Company season two on DVD
    • A really cute shirt
    • Bird picture clips 
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate edition. (Now I have three copies of that movie, LOVE it!)
    • a replica of Hermione's wand! (how dorky!)
  • We watched Three's Company, ate some eggs and toast, and fell asleep
  • He went home and here I am!
Now I am lounging in bed in my new, super soft pj bottoms, with my fluffy blankets. I'm so comfortable!

How was everyone's holidays?

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  1. sounds like you had a great Christmas day. Happy new year!

    {purplecrazymum on swap-bot}