Tuesday, December 14, 2010

30 Day challenge! [Day Three]

Day Three: What are your views on drugs and alcohol.

I'll be honest, they never really appealed to me, and even though I have tried both (drugs and drinking), it was only a small amount and I told myself to never do either again.

I find drugs to be rather disgusting and I don't really like to be around them.Yes I do have friends that do drugs, but I would never hang out with them while they are doing them or if they plan to do them while they are hanging out with me. Sorry but no.

I don't really mind drinking so much, as long as it is a manageable amount. A beer here and there or a glass of wine is fine by me, but if you are drinking to get drunk, that is where I draw the line. I think it is sloppy and I cannot stand how people can be totally different under the influence of drinking.

I could see myself drinking a glass of wine every now and then once I am of age, but everything else is a no-no for me.

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